Our Open Invitation

Many people we speak with are seeking something. Often it's stated as a deeper relationship with God, but sometimes it just can't be put into words. Maybe it centers around being accepted for who we are.

Most of us want to be comfortable in a setting where people accept us for who we are, where we can explore spirituality together.  A place where we can relax, breathe a little easier, and simply be ourselves. If that's the case for you, we invite you to check out a Sunday service.

We know personally how difficult it can be to visit a new church for the first time. We have done a lot of traveling, so we know the drill: Get up early on a Sunday morning, map out directions to a new location, head out on the road hoping the directions are correct, locate the church, park the car, and make your way inside hoping to find a great church, but not really sure of what to expect. We hope this website will answer many of your questions, and we encourage you to contact us if you still would like more information.

Whatever your style, background, or history, we invite you to come as you are. More than anything, our hope is that you will encounter God's transforming love and have a meaningful experience.

We hope to see you Sunday!
Rob & Liz Davis