Here's a note from Rob Davis, our senior pastor,  describing what happened at the Marathon today.    We are grateful that our loved ones are healthy, but not everyone can say that tonight.  Continue to pray for those who are injured and the families of the victims:

Boston Marathon and bomb blasts

April 15, 2013

8:13 pm


I had finished the marathon and Jeff, Liz and I went over to watch Laura Bowman and Areli Biggers come down Boylston Street to cross the finish. The crowd was three deep where we were and we were going to wait for people to leave and work our way to the front row when the first bomb went off.


I did not know what was going on, my first thought was that, that was a strange time for some sort of celebration cannon to go off as these are the middle of the pack runners coming in. Then, within seconds we could see the smoke and everyone realized it was a bomb. People were going hysterical at which point the second bomb went off right in front of us on the other side of Boylston. It was like a war scene, better not to describe what we saw. It was carnage. The police were screaming trying to clear the area, runners were confused and dodging people on the street. I was pulling a barricade down so the emergency vehicle could get in when it arrived Liz was trying to pray and comfort someone and we just felt helpless and not knowing what to do to help. But best to just clear out.


The marathon was stopped and runners were stranded. The police went up the route pulling runners off the course. The police blocked the marathon route at Hereford street which feeds into Boylston. Laura got stranded there with 0.5 mile left. If she had have been 4 minutes faster she would have been in the bomb zone. Areli was at the 23 mile mark.


What a disaster. People were angry, scared confused and worried. The city was in grid lock and we had to try and pick up Laura and Areli it took hours. Areli was freezing and exhausted by the time we got to her. But we are all safe and everyone I know about is safe.