Chelsea Amber & Lainey Wright in concert - July 29, 2012 - Vineyard Church of Hopkinton

Special Musical Guests:   Chelsea Amber & Lainey Wright

This is an event not to be missed!  We'll be having Chelsea and Lainey with us at Sunday July, 29th @6:30 PM for a special musical event.   There is no charge for admission - doors open at 6!

Bring a friend for what will be a great evening!

About Chelsea Amber:

Halifax based artisChelsea Amber (née Nisbett) brings soul to the stage as she grips your heart with passionate vocals, hopeful lyrics, guitar-driven tunes and drum beats that groove. Jordan Warford (Editorial Manager of has commented: “If there were three words to sum up this inspiring artist, they would have to be integrity, class, and passion. Chelsea Nisbett is a new talent recently merging into the music industry. She brings with her a refreshing outlook on life and a tremendous aptitude for music that has been refined over recent years.”

The year 2012 will bring many steps forward and with that will come a few changes, one of which is her new name: Chelsea Amber. “Amber is my middle name and I believe it gives an accurate glimpse into who I am as a person and artist,” explains Chelsea. “I love the amber stone because it is made of tree resin which you wouldn’t expect to turn into something valuable. And the best part is, the imperfections (or inclusions) are what make it unique. Want to find a fake piece of amber? Look for something that’s too perfect.”

With the new name comes a brand new EP to be released in the spring of 2012. The 5-track EP features four songs produced by Paul Colman and Tedd T in Nashville, TN that give a true representation of where she is headed with her music. Chelsea cannot wait for her fans to hear these songs: “I feel really good about this project because I have had much more involvement in the recording and production of these songs than on my previous albums.” Producer Paul Colman says, “Chelsea Amber is a standout artist. She has presence, poise, drive and a captivating story to tell. She also has a stunningly powerful and emotional voice and writes beautiful songs.”

In 2010, Chelsea released her first full length album entitled Anchored Roots. This album was produced in Winnipeg, MB with Fresh I. E. (double Grammy nominee) and Byron Foster and in Nashville, TN with Otto Price and Doug Beiden. The title track received airplay on Christian radio stations across Canada. The album was well-received and was recognized with six music awards and four additional nominations!

About Lainey Wright:

Lainey is just Lainey.

A comment echoed time and again by those who have known singer/songwriter Lainey Wright all of her life–and by those who have only just met her.  Her name is, interestingly enough, the very adjective that describes her best.   In that name there is something real. Something honest.  Lainey is just Lainey.  And it seems she has something to say.

“I can’t get her songs out of my head,” said Paul Colman, (The Paul Colman Trio, The Newsboys) who is producing Lainey’s debut project. “If they were about nothing, I’d be furious.  But seeing as these catchy tunes are loaded with poetry and spiritual yearning, they’re like prayers”.

Growing up in a small Texas town, Lainey remembers falling to sleep most nights to the sounds of her brothers’ guitars down the hall. She was very young when she began to get in on the action, and soon she began writing music.  By age 16, with the help of her brothers, she’d produced a full-length CD of original songs at a small studio near her home.  Then, she made a decision that was completely unprecedented in her little town. She gave up sports for music. She hit the road most every weekend sharing her music in coffee houses, churches and at community events.  And people listened.

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