Exploring Faith in Jesus - September 2012 - Vineyard Church of Hopkinton - Thursday Nights

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Signup - Exploring Faith in Jesus - Thursday Nights - Vineyard Church of Hopkinton - Starting September 20, 2012
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More information about Exploring Faith in Jesus:

Who is this discussion group for?
Anyone who is curious what it might be like to experience faith in Jesus.

What if I don’t believe in God?
You don’t need to believe in God, this group is about exploring possible faith in Jesus.   What is shared in the group is how one might go about exploring and experiencing Jesus.

What if I was brought up in another faith tradition?
You are welcome to attend.   You don't have to be member of the Vineyard Church to attend the class.

Will someone pressure me or argue with me?
We think exploration happens at the pace of the inquisitive explorer and that pressure to believe a certain way, arguments and debates are not so useful.    The facilitator will give examples of what experiences they have discovered to be useful in their own faith journey.   Rather than force a particular outcome, you will be encouraged to explore faith with curiosity that works for you.

The premise is that you might be able to have your own, personal encounter with Jesus.  The discussions will give some ideas on how to do that based on real life examples and what useful things the Bible might offer about the real life questions we face.

What does the flow of the evening look like?
The group facilitator will give a short presentation as an ice breaker to the discussion. This is followed by group initiated discussion of questions of interest.    We finish up by 9:00pm.

What if I have to miss an evening?
Each evenings discussion is new topic so it is not crucial to make every one however the topics and the group dynamics do tend to build.