Family First Wednesday - Vineyard Church of Hopkinton -First Wednesday of every month

1st Wednesday of each month

  6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

  The Vineyard Church
  84 South Street
  Hopkinton, MA 01748

Directions to the Vineyard Church of Hopkinton

Join us this Fall 2013!
Welcome to Family First Wednesday!

What is it?
Family First is a really unique event enabling all ages to explore faith together in a relaxed setting. God loves families, no matter their shape, size, or construction. Throughout the Bible we see how God uses families in His Big Plan to bring us closer to him.

When is it?
The first Wednesday of each month from 6.30-8.00pm.

Who is it for?
Everyone is welcome! Kids, adults, teens, grandparents, aunts, married, single......the event is family-focused but all ages are welcome!

What happens?
We start with a pot-luck dinner at 6.30pm. Join in some relaxed and fun all-age worship followed by dynamic story-telling. Then specially designed hands-on activities bring everyone together to continue exploring the theme. Construction. Art. Solving Clues. Playing games. Anything might happen!

Taking it home.
We've created many fun and original activities for everyone to take home. Definitely NOT homework, they are designed to bring God into our everyday lives as families and households in fun, effective and simple ways. So far we've made airplanes, designed storyboards, and traveled the world.........

The story so far......

What's the Big Idea?
God had a stupendous idea when he created the world. Unique. Beautiful. And he said it was GOOD! But things changed when two people made a bad choice and the world wasn't the same. God had to put his rescue plan for mankind into action.

Promises, Promises!
God told Abraham that he would be a father of many nations, and gave Abraham and his wife Sarah a son in their old age. God's rescue plan was starting to click into place.

Little and Large.

Sheep. Hiding in caves. Valentines in Advent. Sound cryptic? Come and find out more about someone with an important Bethlehem connection.

Lost and Found.

A family journeys to the big city but on the return trip a child is missing. Where is the boy Jesus?   He's not hiding but he's in an unexpected place.   Come find where!

For more information contact the church office.