Five Days in April:  The week that shook Boston
The Boston Globe published a short video summarizing the events at the Boston Marathon earlier this year.
Rob Davis interview on the 700 Club of the Christian Broadcast Network
Our senior pastor, Rob Davis, was interviewed recently regarding his experiences running the race and being across the street from the 2nd bomb blast.   <Click here to watch>
Marathon Prayer Meeting on Hopkinton Common
In light of  tragic events at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, there was a prayer meeting on the Hopkinton Town Common hosted by clergy in Hopkinton on Tuesday 4/16 & Wednesday 4/17 at 12:30 pm.
People gathered to pray for the victims of this horrific event who are recovering, the families of those who have loved ones injured or killed by the explosions, and comfort for our communities.
HCAM TV has a summary of the prayer service which you can watch online.  Click Here to watch.
Scenes from the prayer meeting on the common can be viewed on various media outlets listed below:

Metrowest Daily News article.  Click here to read.
You can watch comments from Rob Davis from WGBH.    Click Here to watch.
You can watch scenes of the prayer service captured by the Boston Globe.   Click Here to watch.
The NY Daily News published an article on Saturday 4/20 from their interview at the prayer services.  Click here to read