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2017-09-17 John the Baptist's Radical Love for Jesus Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-09-10 You've been loved, so love others Stephen Watson Listen Download 
2017-09-03 Fake News or Good News Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-08-27 Temptation and the God who delivers Rod Klinger Listen Download 
2017-08-20 Give and Forgive: Asking God for What We Need Stephen Watson Listen Download 
2017-08-13 Prayer That Works! Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-08-06 Being Refreshed by God not Being Bored with Church Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-07-30 Take a Break for Heaven's Sake! Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-07-23 The Importance of God's Presence Ramonsito Ramirez Feliz Listen Download 
2017-07-16 Bringing Good News Stephen & Sarah Watson Listen Download 
2017-07-09 Eternity in our Hearts Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-07-02 Using Situations to Share Faith Burnedette MacDonald Listen Download 
2017-06-25 Believing in Jesus in an Age of Skepticism Part II  Listen Download 
2017-06-11 Believing in Jesus in an Age of Skepticism and Other Beliefs Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-06-04 Pentecost, Power for Purpose Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-05-28 Power Preaching, Power Healing & Power Encounter Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-05-21 How to Share the Good News of the Gospel Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-05-14 God Is There Liz Davis Listen Download 
2017-05-07 Get Going. Join Jesus in His Mission Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-04-30 Being Guided by God to Influence Others Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-04-16 He Has Risen! Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-04-09 Palm Sunday: 4 Urgent Life Decisions Jesus Wants You To Make  Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-04-02 Say What, Be What, Do What? Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-03-26 What Do You Love? Stephen Watson Listen Download 
2017-03-19 You have spiritual weapons Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-03-12 Allowing the Spirit to Work Through You Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-03-05 Being Blessed In Relationship Rod Klinger Listen Download 
2017-02-26 Be Blessed - Enjoy Unity Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-02-19 Blessed by God's Love Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-02-12 Be Blessed by the Church Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-02-05 Be Blessed - You have the Holy Spirit Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-01-29 Emotionally Healthy Spirituality John Gargan Listen Download 
2017-01-22 Knowing Gods Plan & Knowing Your Part In It Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-01-15 Election. Eph 1 Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-01-08 Be Blessed with every Spiritual Blessing Rob Davis Listen Download 
2017-01-01 A New Year Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-12-25 Christmas 2016 Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-12-18 The Heart Comes Home - to Love Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-12-11 The Heart comes Home - to Peace Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-12-04 The Heart has a home to Hope Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-11-27 Give Thanks Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2016-11-20 Joy in Being Content Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-11-13 The One Treasure John Lynch and Adam Meyer Listen Download 
2016-11-06 Imitating Jesus Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2016-10-30 Joy In Salvation Areli Biggers Listen Download 
2016-10-23 Attitude of Gratitude Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-10-16 God's change in you brings joy Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-10-09 Joy in Serving Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-10-02 Joy in Unit Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-09-25 Experiencing Joy in Jesus Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2016-09-18 Joy despite difficulties Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-09-11 Joy Realizing God Is Doing Good THings In You Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-09-04 Pray with Joy Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-08-28 Jesus Promises that He Cares About You Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-08-21 Classics Areli Biggers Listen Download 
2016-08-14 Jesus Promises That He Will Help Us In Our Struggles  Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-08-07 God Rewards Your Faith In Him Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2016-07-31 Mercy Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-07-24 The Word of the LORD Remains Forever! Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2016-07-17 LOVE - Slow to Anger Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-07-10 Praying Because All Else Has Failed Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-07-03 Staying Connected Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2016-06-26 Put your prayer into action Areli Biggers Listen Download 
2016-06-19 Freedom Through Faith - The Father Loves You Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-06-12 The Significance of Baptism Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-06-05 How do you let the Holy Spirit guide you? Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-05-29 Faith Expressed in Love Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-05-22 Freedom through Faith - The Gospel Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2016-05-15 Pentecost Be empowered by the Holy Spirit Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-05-08 Put On Your Dancing Shoe Areli Biggers Listen Download 
2016-05-01 You, Me and the Kingdom Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-04-24 Jesus' Model of Leadership Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2016-04-17 Our Vision Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-04-10 Anticipation of Jesus' Prophecies Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2016-04-03 Expect More Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-03-27 The Third Day Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-03-20 "Wasting" your life serving Jesus Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-03-13 Prayer Sarah Watson Listen Download 
2016-03-06 Our Reward Program Areli Biggers Listen Download 
2016-02-28 God's Incredible Grace to You Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-02-21 Gods Kindness and Severity Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-02-14 Experiencing Gods Love Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-02-07 God's Purpose in Our Troubles Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-01-31 The Majesty of God Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2016-01-24 Knowing and Experencing the Holy Spirit Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-01-17 God's Wisdom and Knowledge Rob Davis Listen Download 
2016-01-10 People who know their God Areli Biggers Listen Download 
2016-01-03 How to prepare for a Great Year Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-12-27 Preparing for Spiritual life after high school  Listen Download 
2015-12-24 2015 Christmas Eve Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-12-20 I'm dreaming of a "bright" Christmas Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-12-13 The Miracle on 3:16th Street Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-12-06 Finding Hope & Peace this Christmas Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-11-29 Being joyful, prayerful and thankful Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2015-11-22 God loves us He... Wants us to Love Him Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-11-15 God loves us, He is on a rescue mission Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-11-08 God loves us, he... Provides Companionship with Him Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-11-01 God love us, He... Provides for us Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-10-25 God loves us He... Hearing God's voice Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-10-18 God Loves Us He wants us to be the people of His presence Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-10-11 Transformed then changed Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-10-04 Turning Points: People Who Encountered Jesus Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2015-09-27 Turning Points: The "Bad" Samaritan Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-09-20 God's Simple Way Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-09-13 Desiring a God initiated, 180 degree, turnaround Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-09-06 Changing for Good Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-08-23 Patience & Eternity Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-08-16 Grief and Loss John Gargan Listen Download 
2015-08-09 Lost and Found Areli Biggers Listen Download 
2015-08-02 Persistence in Prayer Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-07-26 Living in God's Economy Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2015-07-19 Hope through Faith Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-07-12 The Parable of the Sower Areli Biggers Listen Download 
2015-07-05 The Parable of the Wicked Tenants Robert Cote Listen Download 
2015-06-28 Stories of Jesus - Don't get Discouraged Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-06-21 Father's Day Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2015-06-14 Doing Life Together - The Mystery of Marriage Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-06-07 Doing Life Together - But Single Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-05-31 Doing Life Together - Divorce Care Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-05-24 The Prize of Pentecost Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-05-17 Prize of Companionship Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-05-10 The Prize of Resurrection Life Liz Davis Listen Download 
2015-05-03 The Prize of Healing Love Liz Davis Listen Download 
2015-04-26 The Price of Inner Freedom Areli Biggers Listen Download 
2015-04-19 The Prize Of Heart Transformation Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2015-04-12 Hope: Choosing Faith Over Fear Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-04-05 Assurance, He has risen Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-03-29 Palm Sunday: Jesus' Love Misunderstood Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-03-22 Keep your eyes on God. Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2015-03-15 Be Wise - Be an Encourager Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-03-08 Be Wise - Be Loyal to Jesus Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-03-01 Ask God - Wisdom from the book of James Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-02-22 Be Wise - Be Wise in God's eyes: Develop these 7 traits Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-02-08 Be Wise - Say What? Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-02-01 Be Wise - Be Good Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-01-25 Be Wise - Be Fair Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-01-19 Be Wise - Be Good Listeners Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-01-11 Be Wise - Triumphing over trials Rob Davis Listen Download 
2015-01-04 Doing what gives you live in Christ Rob Davis Listen Download 
2014-12-28 Receive the blessing of the Light of the World Liz Davis Listen Download 
2014-12-21 Experiencing Christ's Love at Christmas Rob Davis Listen Download 
2014-12-14 Receive the blessing of hope Liz Davis Listen Download 
2014-12-07 Receive the blessing of Jesus' a new covenant Rob Davis Listen Download 
2014-11-30 Savor the coffee Areli Biggers Listen Download 
2014-11-23 Leadership, Buildings and Faith - Compassion and Commitment Rob Davis Listen Download 
2014-11-16 Leadership, Buildings and Faith - Opposition Rob Davis Listen Download 
2014-11-09 Leadership, Buildings and Faith - Forgiveness Rob Davis Listen Download 
2014-11-02 Leadership from the Heart Rob Davis Listen Download 
2014-10-26 Leadership, Buildings and Faith Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
2014-10-19 Leadership, Buildings and Faith - Where is your identity? Areli Biggers Listen Download 
2014-10-12 Leadership Buildings and Faith Rob Davis Listen Download 
2014-10-05 Buildings & Faith - Haggai Rob Davis Listen Download 
2014-09-28 The Outward Focused Life Dave Workman Listen Download 
2014-09-21 Mentoring - Passing on what's important to the Next Generation Rob Davis Listen Download 
2014-09-14 Mentoring - Guidance in good and bad times Rob Davis Listen Download 
2014-09-07 Mentoring - Living with Hope Rob Davis Listen Download 
2014-08-31 Naturally Supernatural Liz Davis Listen Download 
2014-08-24 That we have faith in a God who provides Rob Davis Listen Download 
2014-08-17 How we respond to Opposition will cause people to notice Jesus in us. Jeff Biggers Listen Download 
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